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Light Armored Reconnaissance Training Company

Light Armored Reconnaissance (LAR) Training Company provides entry level training and instruction for Marines to operate, drive and maintain the family of light armored vehicles (LAV) and familiarize them with the employment and manipulation of the weapon systems inherent to the LAV-25 turret in order to produce a capable Light Armored Reconnaissance Marine.

Light Armored Reconnaissance Training Company also provides advanced instruction to the Marines of the LAR community by providing the skills required to serve as a LAV-25 Vehicle Commander at the small unit level, and providing training to the Marine Officers and Staff non-commissioned officers to command and supervise the training, operations, employment and maintenance of a LAR platoon.

Point of Contacts

Commanding Officer

Major Christopher Whitson

Executive Officer

Captain James Myles

First Sergeant

First Sergeant Amanda Sansevere    

Operations Chief

Master Sergeant Frank Broberg

Course Chief, Marine Course

Gunnery Sergeant Ryan Accornero

Course Chief, Leaders Course

Staff Sergeant Christopher Ryan

Course Chief, Master Gunners Course     

Gunnery Sergeant Lloyd Grover

Company Office Phone Number: (760) 725-9923

LARTC Training POC Email Address:

Light Armored Reconnaissance Training Company - TCOM_SOIW_LARTC@usmc.mil

Light Armored Reconnaissance Marine Course - TCOM_SOI-W_LARMC@usmc.mil

Light Armored Reconnaissance Master Gunner Course - TCOM_SOI-W_LARMGC@usmc.mil

Light Armored Reconnaissance Leaders/ Vehicle Commanders Course - TCOM_SOI-W_LARLC@usmc.mil