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Advanced Infantry Training Battalion
Light Armored Reconnaissance Training Company


Light Armored Reconnaissance (LAR) Training Company provides entry-level training and instruction for Marines to operate, drive, and maintain the family of Light Armored Vehicles (LAV) and familiarize them with the employment and manipulation of the weapon systems inherent to the LAV-25 Turret in order to produce a capable LAR Marine.  LAR Training Company also provides advanced instruction to the Marines of the LAR community by providing the skills required to serve as a LAV-25 Vehicle Commander at the small unit level, and providing training to the Marine Officers and Staff Non-Commissioned Officers to command and supervise the training, operations, employment, and maintenance of a LAR platoon.


 Company Commander
Major Daniel Eckert
 Company Executive Officer
Captain Brian Mortimore
 Company First Sergeant
First Sergeant Angie Luna   
 Company Operations Chief
Master Sergeant Michel Bissell
 LAR Marine Course OIC
First Lieutenant Nicholas Dyer
 LAR Marine Course Chief
Gunnery Sergeant Jose Zuniga
 LAR Leaders/Vehicle Cmdr Course OIC
Captain Brian Mortimore
 LAR Leaders/Vehicle Cmdr Course Chief       
Gunnery Sergeant Max Frost
 LAR Master Gunners Course Chief    
Gunnery Sergeant Edward Bonifay
 Company Office Phone #: (760) 725-9923
 LARTC Training POC Email Addresses: