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School of Infantry-West
IULTC New High Resolution Logo
Advanced Infantry Training Battalion
Infantry Unit Leaders Training Company


Conduct advanced infantry Skill Progression Training to ensure NCOs and SNCOs are proficient in advanced infantry skills and equipped to assume increased levels of responsibility for infantry unit leadership within the infantry battalion, and provide select warfighting skills to the entire MAGTF.













 IULTC Point of Contacts

  Maj J. E. Auer
  Company Commander
1stSgt P. A. Aleman
Company 1stSgt
 Capt M. J. Johnson
 Infantry Unit Leaders Courses OIC
Capt J. M. Schumann
Advanced Infantry Courses OIC
 MSgt N. J. Carson
 Operations Chief
GySgt M. A. Trevino
Company GySgt

Prepare Marines for School (Six-Part Folder):
Part 1) Course Memo PDF (MCTIMS)
Part 2) Gear List
Part 3) Orders from S-1 & Funding Letter
Part 4) Command Screening Checklist
Part 5) Supporting Docs (Squad Leader page 11, see example below)

IULTC Page 11

(PDF DOWNLOAD INSTRUCTION:  Select link above to open file in Edge browser, then immediately select the [Save Disk Icon] at the top-right of file to save document to your local CPU to open form for view.)

NOTE 1:  Medical/Dental records are no longer required.

NOTE 2:  Please complete post-graduate surveys (PGS) at any time by selecting the associated course link listed below.  It is suggested that a PGS is also used upon completion of service-level exercises, pre-deployment training programs, and deployments to provide thorough assessments and feedback.

NOTE 3:  Refer to MCTIMS or contact the IULTC Operations Chief for specific course details not provided below.

NOTE 4:  Academic Summaries for current courses may be viewed via the following link (CAC required):

NOTE 5:  A Marine must have completed a command screening checklist.  The screening checklist must be signed (within 30-days prior to report date) by the Marine's Commanding Officer and Medical Officer certifying that the student meets all the requirements for enrollment.

IULTC FY23 Courses and Graduation Information
IULTC Phase Pick-Up Policy
IULTC Policy Letter 4-20 (TACSOP)
IULTC Student Expectations Agreement

 Infantry Unit Leader Course (IULC)

 Infantry Small Unit Leader Course (ISULC)

 Advanced Machinegun Course (AMGC)

 SOI-West Units/Resources

 Advanced Anti-Tank Missle Gunner Course  (AATMGC)

 Advanced Infantry Marine Course (AIMC)

 Advanced Mortarman Course (AMC)