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Vehicle Crew Chief Course-West Course Description

Assault Amphibian Vehicle Commander (AAVC) Course introduces students to AAV leadership responsibilities with a focus on crew gunnery. This course builds upon foundational skills learned from Assault Amphibian Crewmember (AAC) Course, but with greater focus on direction and supervision. Students will learn how to utilize Global Command Support System - Marine Corps (GCSS-MC) to initiate and track maintenance and supply issues and requests, conduct mounted navigation with the use of the Defense Advanced GPS Receiver (DAGR), prepare an Assault Amphibious Vehicle Command, Reliability, Availability, Maintainability/Rebuild to Standard (AAVC7A1 RAM/RS), be able to send and receive reports, issue a fragmentary order, and conduct after action reports with their subordinates. Students also learn how to effectively employ their Upgunned Weapons Station (UGWS) and manage their crew during the conduct of gunnery operations. Graduates of this course will gain the necessary skillset to assume the responsibilities of an AAV family of vehicles (FOV) Vehicle Commander in support of mechanized operations.  

AAVC Course is designed to develop the supervisory skills and gunnery proficiency expected of an AAV Vehicle Commander. Instructional areas shall focus specifically on: AAV maintenance, orders and reports, navigation, tactics, and gunnery. Students attending this course should be proficient in AAV fundamentals and crew responsibilities, associated UGWS machine guns, and basic land navigation. Students must demonstrate mastery of all instructional areas via written and performance examinations, and display leadership throughout the course to meet graduation requirements.