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Provide amplified training of the Upgunned Weapons Station to Assault Amphibious Vehicle Commander of the 4th Assault Amphibian Battalion. The Assault Amphibious Vehicle Commander will perform various duties incident to the operation and maintenance of assault amphibious vehicles and the Upgunned Weapons Station (UGWS) MK19 40 MM/50 CAL M2. Environmental constraints, geographic and limited opportunity inherent in Reserve Forces, are nullified through attendance of the Assault Amphibian School Battalion's Reserve Gunnery Course. This course is focused on one specific functional area within the NAVMC 3500.2A - Gunnery. The course is divided into two distinct phases - Machine Guns; this phase provides the base knowledge necessary to manipulate the weapons associated to the Up-Gunned Weapons Station. Gunnery Application; affords the students an opportunity to manipulate the weapon station and engage targets in concert with the Gunnery Skills Test.