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Permanent Personnel and Students:  Checking into Assault Amphibian Schools Battalion during normal working hours should report to the S-1 located in Bldg. 210568 on Del Mar, Camp Pendleton, CA (the second building on the right after passing 3rd AABn on Basin Road). After normal working hours report in person to the Duty Non-Commissioned Officer at Bldg. 210568, or call the AOOD at 760-763-6082.  All personnel will report in the Service Alpha uniform. 

Uniform/Equipment Requirements:  Personnel should bring appropriate Service uniforms.  Marine Corps Combat Utility Uniform (MCCUU) or CVC will be worn for all periods of instruction Monday-Friday. Service "B" or “C” uniforms, depending on the season, will be worn on Fridays as directed by the school commander. The uniform for graduation is the Marine Corps Combat Utiity Uniform (MCCUU). PT gear (green/green) is also required to include MCCUU, sweats, running suit, watch cap, and gloves as directed.

Billeting:   Government quarters is available for all enlisted Permanent Personnel.  Sergeants and Corporals will be billeted in Barracks 210905, at no cost. Staff Sergeants and above, and officers will be billeted in the BOQ/SNCO quarters; at Harbor Site Inn at Del Mar, there is a cost associated with this billeting. Contact the BOQ manager for reservations.  If billeting is not available ensure you receive an non-availability statement prior to making reservations for commercial lodging.  If you have any problems with these facilities, bring them to the attention of your faculty advisor immediately.

Messing:  Available for all enlisted students, SNCOs, and officers on TDY orders from outside the local area will receive per diem based on billeting location or as directed on orders. FMS does not typically issue non-availability statements for messing.

Parking:  POVs will be parked in the lot across from and adjacent to building 210568.  Do not park in the marked spaces, as they are reserved for key personnel.

Temporary Decal:  If you do not have a DOD decal on your vehicle, you must go to the 20 Area Pass and ID aboard Camp Pendleton to get a Temporary Pass that will be valid for the duration of your TDY, PCA/PCS.  You must have your driver's license, proof of insurance, proof of registration and if you are under the age of 26 you will need to bring proof of completion of a drivers improvement course.

Location:  Marine Corps Assault Amphibian School Battalion, Del Mar, Camp Pendleton, CA. The entrance to Del Mar is located off of I5 at exit 54C between the hours of 0600-1800.  The entrance to the Main Gate is off of I5 at exit 54B, utilizing wire mountain road to Del Mar.