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 More than any time in the past, Marines, officers and enlisted, are expected to intelligently manage their respective careers. Many tools exist to accomplish this, and therein is the problem. The amount of printed and web-based material available to individual Marines is nearly overwhelming. The Training and Education Command, through its schools and course directors has aided in simplifying the problem through the production of MOS Roadmaps.

  MOS Roadmaps are intended to aid you in making intelligent decisions regarding your career path, regardless of whether that career spans four years or thirty years. The Marine Corps depends on the professionalism of all of its members, private through general officer, and it is critical that you understand the training and education expectations of the Corps and the options available to you through each phase of your Marine Corps service. Likewise, leaders at all levels are expected to utilize the

 MOS Roadmaps to mentor their Marines in sound training and education decisions.  The MOS structure of the Marine Corps is the very bedrock supporting our organization for combat. It is critical that every Marine be an expert in his/her MOS. Toward that end, the MOS Roadmaps emphasize what every Marine must do to achieve that high level of MOS expertise, and provides numerous recommendations for enhancement training that will add to those skills. Also, since all Marines eventually return to civilian life, this MOS Roadmap will guide you through the professional certificate or apprenticeship program, if such a program is applicable to your MOS.

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