Assault Amphibian School
MK154 Mobile Training Team
Course Mission: To gain the skills necessary to operate, troubleshoot, and maintain the MK154 Mod 1 Linear Mine Charge Kit when stowed, or mounted on the AAVP7A1 RAM/RS.  Students are licensed to operate the MK154 Mod 1 LMC upon mastery of all training requirements, and are able to operate as a crewmember assigned to a Mine Counter Measure (MCM) Platoon of an Assault Amphibian Battalion.
The purpose of this course is to provide the training necessary to serve as (1833) crewman of an Assault Amphibious Vehicle with MK 154 Launcher Mine Clearance (LMC) Kit. This course also provides the training necessary to maintain (2141) the MK 154 LMC Kit. Upon completion of this course, students will obtain an operator license which authorizes them to operate or perform maintenance tasks on the MK 154 LMC. The 1800 MOS Marines will be trained to install, operate and perform first echelon maintenance on the LMC System while the 2141 MOS Marines will be trained to troubleshoot the electrical and hydraulic system of the LMC.  Additionally, all Marines will be trained to handle, inspect, load, and deploy the ordnance 
Instructional areas shall focus specifically on:  The MK154 MTT is designed to develop the skills necessary to operate as an AAV commander, crewmember, or maintainer assigned to a Mine Counter Measure (MCM) Platoon of an Assault Amphibian Battalion. Instructional areas shall focus on data and description of kit and components, safety, installation and removal on the AAVP7A1 RAM/RS, operational checks and preventive maintenance, loading and unloading of ordnance, deployment, and immediate actions associated to the MK154 Mod 1. Students will also obtain information that is beneficial to advising a supported unit and/or breach force commander on employment of the MK154. Students must master all subjects in order to meet graduation and licensing requirements.
The 10 Training Day Course includes the following:
  • Lecture/Demonstration = 20 Hrs
  • Practical Application = 42.5 Hrs
  • Performance Evaluations= 13 Hrs
  • Written Exams = 3 Hrs
  • Field Exercise = 2-3 Continuous Days
Course Details:
  • Frequency = 4 classes per year
  • Max Capacity = 24 Marines per class
Basic Schedule:
  • T-Day 1-6 Course Introductions, MK154 Data & Description, MK154 Safety, MK154 Installation and Removal, MK154 Operational Checks, Loading and Unloading Ordinance, Deploying the MK154 MOD 1 Launcher system, Immediate Action, Misfire Procedures, Advise Breach Force Commander
  • T-Day 7-8 MK154 Operational Checks, Loading and Unloading Ordinance, Deploying the MK154 MOD 1 Launcher system, Immediate Action, Misfire Procedures (Field)
  • T-Day 9-10 *Testing, Remediation, End of Course Administration, Out Brief, Graduation 
  • Testing will be both Written and Practical Application in the field and in the classroom
  • PT will be done throughout the training
The Field exercise encompasses all item taught into a 2-3 day field exercise that include an Inert and Live Fire range pending on location and availability of ordnance, loading and unloading ordnance, immediate actions of the MK154, control box operations, and billet rotations.
Reporting instructions: This is a mobile training team (MTT) course.  A letter of instruction (LOI) will be sent 120 days prior to report date of the command hosting the training to coordinate all training and logistical requirements. Students shall be enrolled into the MCTIMS registrar and validated by the Senior Instructor. The MTT, when applicable, will travel on TAD orders utilizing Defense Travel Systems (DTS) to the host unit. If messing and billeting is not available the instructor group will be required to have their orders endorsed by the transient billeting office, at which time alternate billeting and messing may be authorized. Out of the max capacity of (24) students, no more than eight (8) 2141 students are authorized in order to establish balanced student to instructor and task to troop ratios. In addition, the host unit shall provide an additional classroom IOT conduct differences training.
MOS: 1803, 1833, 2141
(1) In order to attend this course, the student must have successfully completed one of the following courses:
Assault Amphibian Crewmember Course (M108HY3)
Assault Amphibian Officer Course (M1018J3)
Assault Amphibian Repair Basic Course (M1018Y3)
(2) Must possess a GT score of 90 or higher.
(3) Must have vision correctable to 20/20.
(4) Must have normal color vision.
(5) Must have at least 12 months remaining on their current contract.
(6) Must have a current AAV Operator's License.