Assault Amphibian School
Family & Friends
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On behalf of Assault Amphibian School (AAS), it is my pleasure to welcome family and friends to the Community. The school is designed as the Center of Excellence for the Assault Amphibian Community which is a vibrant and diverse community filled with interesting and talented students, instructors, and staff. Our students and faculty hail from around the globe and bring an array of perspectives and experiences that foster professionalism, esprit de corps, and adapted warrior ethos.
The AAS mission to provide formally trained assault amphibian officers, enlisted crewmembers, and repairers to Marine Corps active and reserve component forces. In addition, we have developed and implemented a training continuum for the assault amphibian community to provide a better individual and Marine. AAS organizes events throughout the year that both further our mission and provide a close network of family and friends to support the Community. These events consist of ASYMCA Volunteer Recognition Ceremony (OCT), Trunk or Treat (OCT), Marine Corps Birthday Ball (NOV), Thanksgiving Events (NOV), Adopt-a-Marine, Yacht Club, Elks Lodge, Thanksgiving Meals (Reach out in September to Operation Homefront), and Family Day. If family members are interested in volunteering their time to support AAS they can contact the Unit Readiness Coordinator.  Volunteering is a wonderful opportunity to meet other parents and family and get involved in the Assault Amphibian Community.  We welcome your participation, and assure you that it is a worthwhile endeavor that you will find personally rewarding and fun.
Again, welcome to the community and we look forward to meeting and working with you. More information in regards to the courses, area, and leadership information can be found throughout the AAS website.