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The College of Distance Education and Training is the organization within the Marine Corps Education Command (EDCOM) with the mission to design, develop, deliver, evaluate, manage, and resource distance learning products and programs across the Marine Corps training and education continuum in order to increase operational readiness.


Leading Marines (Lance Corporal)

The Leading Marines Distance Education Program (DEP) serves as the foundation of the Professional Military Education (PME) building block program and supports the development of the requisite leadership skills for our future leaders.


Corporals Course

The Corporals Course DEP is based upon the program of instruction developed for the command-sponsored course. It leverages computer-based training technology to provide interactive, multimedia support to corporals and has been designed to provide additional knowledge and skills to be successful small-unit leaders.


Sergeants Course

The Sergeants Course Distance Education Program (DEP) provides sergeants with the knowledge and information necessary to assume leadership roles of greater responsibility. The instruction places emphasis on leadership, war fighting, training, and administrative and communication skills that are necessary for a sergeant to function at the squad level, lead Marines in combat, and mentor junior Marines. This Distance Education Program focuses on providing sergeants with the knowledge that allows them to successfully perform the duties of a small unit leader with confidence and decisiveness. The Sergeants Course curriculum consists of nine sub-courses, all designed to enhance leadership capability in garrison and in combat.