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Interservice Postal Training Activity


Interservice Postal Training Activity

Marine Corps Combat Service Support Schools

Fort Jackson, SC


Intermediate Maintenance Course requires students to bring the following items at a minimum:


1 Medical Record

1 Dental Record

1 Valid Drivers License

As Req Appropriate civilian attire

As Req Pen, Note taking material

1 Map Kit: Map pens, protractor, overlay paper

1 Service Alpha

3 Summer Service "C" uniform

2 Seasonal  MARPAT

2 Pair boots

6 skivvies 

6 Green t-shirts

2 Green PT shorts

1 Issue PT sweats

1 Glow Belt

6 Cussion sole boot socks

5 PT socks Hygiene Gear

1 Hygiene bag

2 towels

1 Pair shower shoes As Req Razors As Req Shaving Cream

1 Tooth Brush

As Req Tooth paste

As Req Soap/shampoo

As Req Laundry Soap

1 Laundry bag

*All field gear to be brought from their parent command’s supply.  Students coming from outside commands , may bring their own supply issued gear or upon arrival to the training location, check the necessary gear from the local supply.