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Assault Amphibian School

"Docendo Discimus - By Teaching, We Learn"

Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton, California
Assault Amphibious Vehicle Repairer Intermediate (AAVRI) Course
Mission: The purpose of this course is to train the AAV repairer/technician to preform intermediate repairs to the AAV/FOV, AAVR7 unique equipment, and the AAV/FOV secondary repairables.
Instructional areas shall focus specifically on: In order to perform intermediate maintenance functions, utilizing advanced diagnostics, the student will be required to diagnose, repair, and conduct testing of the AAV/FOV systems and the AAVR7 unique equipment. The intent is to ensure current procedures and techniques are combined to meet the demands of the Assault Amphibious Vehicle community.
The 63 Training Day Course includes the following:
  • Academic 458.00
    • 13.00 Demonstration
    • 132.50 Informal Lecture
    • 277.50 Practical Application
    • 3.00 Self-Paced Instruction
    • 16.00 Performance Examination
    • 16.00 Written Examination
  • Administrative 42.00
    • 2.00 End of Course Critique
    • 10.50 Administrative
    • 8.00 Field Trip
    • 3.00 Graduation
    • 18.50 Physical Training
Course Details:
  • Frequency = 2-3 classes per year
  • Max Capacity = 16 Marines per class
Reporting instructions: Students will report to:
BUILDING 210568 BOX 555041
  • Government messing and billeting are available for all students.
  • POVs are allowed and students will bring the following: Service “A” Uniform, Seasonal MCCUU (sleeves up or down depending on the season), Seasonal Service uniform (service “B” or service “C”), Clean and serviceable coveralls (no holes, rips, tears. Must be free from POLs), Coveralls will be cuffed (bloused) while wearing them, Sleeves will be rolled up or down depending on the scenario (no “half rolls”), Coveralls will NEVER be worn “half-mast”, Steel toed Marine Corps boots (aka safety boots), Appropriate civilian attire, Green on green PT gear, Civilian PT gear.
  • Student will report into this command wearing Service Alpha uniform.
  • The student is required to have their medical and dental records in their possession.
  • The parent command must complete a "TD" fitness report.
  • Marines must be within the height and weight standards and will conduct an inventory physical fitness test within the first week of training.
  • Possess a copy of command screening checklist per MCO P1553.4B
  • DNCO Phone number is (760) 763-6082.
  • Rank: CPL, SGT, SSGT, GYSGT 
  • MOS: 2141
  • Serving a second or greater enlistment.
  • Minimum of 24 months of obligated service remaining upon completion of the course.
  • Pass Marine Corps Physical Fitness Test/Combat Fitness Test.
  • Pass MOS-Specific Physical Standards (MSPS) Test.
  • Be within Marine Corps height/weight standards.
  • LCpl's and Marines who are on their first enlistment can attend the course with a waiver from the 2100 Course Chief, Assault Amphibian School (760-725-2082).
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