Students will report to:

Commanding Officer


BOX 555041


Building 210568

DNCO Phone number is (760) 763-6082

Note:1. Government messing and billeting are available for all students.

2. Students will report to the command deck in the service dress Alpha uniform. The remainder of the course uniform of the day is the required seasonal MARPAT Marine Corps Combat Utility Uniform. The physical training standard or cold weather uniform is required for the appropriate season. All field evolutions will be in the required safety nomex uniform with steel toe boots. The basic issue of field gear is available at AAS Battalion supply for students stationed outside of Camp Pendleton.

3. The student is required to have their medical and dental records in their possession.

4. The parent command must complete a "TD" fitness report.

5. The student must be free of personal and medical problems that would interfere with their ability to complete the course.

6. Marines must be within the height and weight standards and will conduct an inventory physical fitness testwithin the first week of training.

7. Students are required to complete the following courses prior to attending the first training day withcompletion certificate in hand : Systems Approach to Training and Range Safety Officer course.

8. Possess a copy of command screening checklist per MCO P1553.4A