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Interservice Postal Training Activity


Interservice Postal Training Activity

Marine Corps Combat Service Support Schools

Fort Jackson, SC


•Mission: The Assault Amphibian Unit Leader Course provides individual career progression training for the Assault Amphibian in order to perform duties as an Assault Amphibian section leader.

•50 Training Days

–Lecture/Demonstration = 72.5 Hrs

–Practical Application = 202.5 Hrs

–Performance and Written Exams = 73.5/8.5 Hrs

–Field = 20 Days

•Frequency = 2 per year

•Max Capacity = 18 Marines


–Unit Leader Fundamentals (Week 1)

–Tactics (STEXs etc) (Week 2-3)

–Amphibious Operations (Week 4-5)

–Offensive & Defensive Operations (29 Palms) (Week 6-10)