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Students will report to:

Commanding Officer


BOX 555041


92055-5041 Building 210568

DNCO Phone number is (760) 763-6082

Note: 1. Government messing and billeting is available for all students.

2. No dependants or POV's are authorized while in student status.

3. Students will report into this command wearing the Service Alpha Uniform.                                                   

4. After hours arrival can be accomplished by checking in with local personnel on duty at the school house. Students will then be required to report to IMSO on the next available working day no later than 0730 pacific standard time.


(1) Approach the officer or other personnel and halt at the position of attention about two paces in front of the officer. Do not interrupt until recognized.

(2) Render a salute.

(3) Report: "Good morning, Sir or Ma'am", state your rank and name, and reporting as ordered. For example: "Good morning, Sir; Lieutenant Lee reporting as ordered".

(4) Hold the salute until it is returned or acknowledged.

(5) When you receive the command, "dismissed", you will say, "aye aye sir", take one step back, render a salute and proper greeting, i.e., "good morning sir", then execute an about face and expeditiously leave.

Report To An Officer Indoors. When reporting to an officer indoors, you will use the following procedure:

(1) Center yourself 6 inches from the front of the officer’s desk.

(2) If under arms render a salute. Under arms means that you are either armed with a weapon, or are wearing a duty belt (cartridge belt).

(3) Report in the same manner as outdoors. When not under arms, you will follow the same procedure except you will not salute.