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Students exploit weapons cache.
Students conduct OC practical application.
Students conduct felony traffic stops.
Students exploit weapons cache.
Students supervise biometric collection during raid of suspected IED facility.
Students hand off detainee after identifying him through biometrics at a check point.
Students planned and executed air insert to conduct Cordon and Search Operation.
Students collect blood during site exploitation practical application.
MPOBC student coordinating with higher during Cordon and Search Operation.
Students conduct felony traffic stop practical application.
Students from Military Police Officer Basic Course conducting law enforcement operations.
Students supervise site exploitation during Cordon and Search Operation.
Students supervise the collection of biometrics during exercise.
Students respond to active shooter.
MPOBC students conducting incident command.
MPOBC student uses arm bar takedown during OC drills.
Conducting Site Expoitation of HME lab.

Enhance operating forces readiness by providing skilled Marines in Military Police disciplines, while developing, sustaining, and synchronizing the training and education continuum.

-Cultivate a culture of accountability grounded in Marine Corps values and professionalism.
-Develop superior instructors who lead, mentor, and teach.
-Recognized as the Marine Corps' advocate and duty expert for training and education for Military Police


To provide entry level pipeline and lateral move Marines the knowledge and skills to become disciplined, motivated and capable of performing the duties and responsibilities of MOS 5811, Military Police.


To train students with the skills necessary to function in the Operating Force and Supporting Establishment during peacetime and time of conflict.  The students will receive instruction and pratical application in the following areas related to the missions of the Military Police:  Law Enforcement Operations, Law and Order Operations, Detainee / Corrections Operations, Law Enforcement Support to Mission Assurance Operations.


Provide company grade Marine Officers with the knowledge and skills necessary to perform the duties and responsiblities of a Military Police Officer: MOS - 5803


This course is designed to provide students with the training required to function as a Military police Officer in the Operating Forces and Supporting Establishment.  Students will receive instruction and practical application in the following areas:  Mission Assurance, Military Working Dogs (MWD), Limited Detainee Operations (LDO), Law and Order Operations, and Military Police Planning and Training.  This training will provide these officers with the required skills to support each respective element in the MAGTF.


To view Course Dates, Course Scope, Prerequisites and Reporting Procedures utilize the ATTRS Course Catalog website.  Select 191 in the school code drop down box, then click Search the ATTRS Course Catalog. 

MP Captains Career Course 

Antiterrorism Officer (Basic) 

Antiterrorism Officer (Advanced)

CID Special Agent 

Special Reaction Team 

Special Reaction Team (Marksman / Observer) 

Protective Services Training 

CID Warrant Officer Advanced 

High Risk Personnel 

Non-Lethal Weapons Instructor 

Child Abuse Prevention Investigative Techniques 

Advanced Crime Scene Investigative Techniques 

Domestic Violence Intervention Techniques 

Conventional Physical Security Crime / Prevention