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This course provides the doctrinal foundation and general tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTP) required by Military Intelligence (MI) personnel serving in a 2X staff section in the modular force.  The 2X is a doctrinal term that refers to the staff officer and the staff element that manages counterintelligence (CI) and human intelligence (HUMINT) operations at all echelons of the Army from brigade combat team (BCT) to Corps/Division, or higher.
This course covers the full-spectrum advance HUMINT collection and source management operations cycle. Certifies students for all categories for Military Source Operations by DoD, where they will be capable of operating in urban, rural and combat environments, placing emphasis on operations that support the battlefield commander.
Common Ground Station Operators, operator/unit level maintenance, basic imagery interpretation, techniques and reporting of targets from radar, electro-optical, and infrared collection systems.


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