Marine Detachment Fort Huachuca
Administrative Chief 520-533-6778
Administrative Clerk 520-533-6776
Quarter Deck 520-533-6849
Advance Source Operations Course 520-533-4073
CI/HUMINT Operations Management (G2X) 520-533-1883
Combat Tracking Course 520-533-1566
Common Ground Station Operator 520-533-4030
Communications Interceptor/Locator 520-538-6842
DoD Strategic Debriefing (DSDC) 520-533-4037
Geospatial Intelligence Officer (Imagery Officer Course) 520-538-1099
Intelligence in Combatting Terrorism 520-538-0861
Joint Analyst-Interrogator Collaboration 520-533-9990
Mission Commander Course 520-266-4583
Tactical Electronic Warfare Operations 520-533-0527
Unmanned Aerial Systems (Mechanics Course) 520-538-0023
Unmanned Aerial Systems (Operations Course) 520-538-0023
Unmanned Aerial Systems (Technicians Course) 520-538-0023

The history of our Detachment begins in 1955, when Marine instructors and students were first assigned to the Counter Intelligence School, Fort Ritchie, Maryland, and the Army General School, Fort Riley, Kansas. The senior Marine assumed the duty of Liaison Officer. These schools were consolidated into the US Army Intelligence Center (USAIC), Fort Huachuca, in 1971, and the senior Marine's title was changed to Marine Corps Representative.

Seven years later, the various Marine Corps elements were consolidated under a unified command structure and the present Marine Corps Detachment was established. The Detachment moved to its present location in 1993 and assumed several new training missions, including Manual Morse Intercept Operator, and Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Maintainers/Operators.

Marine Second Lieutenants received instruction in the Military Intelligence Officer Basic Course (MIOBC) from 1994 through 1998. In 1999, the intelligence officer course relocated to the Navy and Marine Corps Intelligence Training Center in Dam Neck, Virginia. In 2001, the Detachment formally came under the command of Training Command, Quantico, Virginia. That same year, the UAV training was moved to Pensacola, Florida and in 2007, the Marine UAS (Unmanned Aircraft Systems) Training relocated back to Fort Huachuca, Arizona.

Today, the Detachment helps train an average of 400 Marines a year. Marines attend various courses on the Fort, but the majority consists of JSTARS Common Ground Station Operators, UAS Marines (Technicians, Mechanics, & Operators) and Human Intelligence/Counter-intelligence Marines as Strategic Debriefers and Advance Source Operators. Marines are also assigned to the Joint Interoperability Test Command (JITC), where they conduct process & product evaluations and technical assistance throughout the life cycle of DoD Systems.

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