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Interservice Postal Training Activity


Interservice Postal Training Activity

Marine Corps Combat Service Support Schools

Fort Jackson, SC

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The Equal Opportunity Representative

The Equal Opportunity Representative is responsible for reporting any equal opportunity violation to include age, race, color, gender, religion, sexual harassment for investigation.  Any person can report suspected cases of discrimination to their supervisor within or outside their chain of command. In such cases, a thorough inquiry/investigation into the complaint will be conducted.
EORs will also process and assist with any hazing allegations within the command.

Reporting Options 

The Informal Resolution System (IRS)

1. Direct Approach. By either approaching the offending party in person tactfully pinpointing the behavior that is offending, asking the person to cease the behavior or in writing.

2. Informal Third Party. Requesting assistance from another person to intervene on your behalf to help resolve the conflict. This person is normally a friend, co-worker, command EO representative or EO Advisor.

Formal Report

Any formal EO complaint or allegation of discrimination on the basis of age, color, race, religion, national origin or any other form of unlawful discrimination, to include sexual harassment, shall utilize the procedures established in the Equal Opportunity manual.  The local Equal Opportunity Representative(s) maintain these procedures at the local level.

An EO complaint may be made orally in writing or both.  Regardless of who initially receives the complaint, it must be forwarded immediately to the proper authority.  



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