T3S conducts Mobile Training Teams (MTT) for the Formal School Manager Course (FSMC).  MTTs are taught at the requesting units location.  Students must be considered TAD to T3S while attending these courses.  All appointments and duties must be rescheduled to avoid conflicts with the training schedule.  If your command would like to schedule a MTT, contact the T3S Operations Officer for inclusion in the next fiscal year Training Input Plan (TIP).

Site Requirements

1. In order to successfully conduct a FSMC mobile training team there are several logistical requirements needed. 


    a. 1 main classroom capable of seating 18-24 students, each with a computer work station.


    b. 1 main instructor computer


    c. 1 overhead projector/SMART board in main classroom connected to the instructor station.


    d. All computers must have Common Access Card (CAC) accessibility and internet capability. (We have CAC Readers if not available).


2.  Building access.  The FSMC staff normally travel to the TAD location the day prior to course commencement.  It is requested that a hosting unit representative meet the staff on this day to gain initial access to the facilities, check computer functionality, troubleshoot, and set up for the course.


3.  MCTIMS.  Host unit must be prepared to assist with IT issues at all times throughout the 3 day resident period.  FSMC requires that every computer function properly using CACs for accessing the Marine Corps Training Information Management System (MCTIMS). 


4.  Other IT issues.  All SAAR forms or other computer accessing documents must be sent out ahead of time for instructor staff to ensure accounts are set up prior course commencement.


5.  POC for the FSMC can be contacted at (910) 450-1266.