Purpose: This course is designed to provide instructors with additional methodologies to support instruction of VBL and career progression training at Marine Corps FLC's. Upon successful completion of the course, Marine and civilian instructors will be capable of performing coaching, guided discussion, case study, and role play at their FLC's to support and sustain VBL and MOS training throughout the Marine Corps.

Scope: This course provides supplemental knowledge and skills for instructors to succeed in Marine Corps FLCs. Instructional methods covered include guided discussion, role play and case study. Instructional techniques include Socratic Questioning, coaching and scaffolding.

 Pre-requisites/Target Audience:


BIC (or equivalent sister-service school) graduate.  Due to the nature of the instructional methods taught during this course, it is recommended nominees have six months experience as a basic platform instructor after graduating BIC before attending SIC.

 Target Audience: 

Military and civilian personnel assigned as instructors at Marine Corps FLCs.   Students attending this course have knowledge and skills to perform basic facilitation techniques as FLC instructors.  Although this course targets FLC instructors, it is appropriate for all personnel assigned instructional responsibilities and their supervisors. 

Course Length: 5 Training days / 5 Calendar Days taught in residence at T3S Detachments East and West and via Mobile Training Team (MTT) 

Training Focus: Marine Corps FLC instructors

Enrollment instructions & POC: For enrollment at Det East contact T3S Training Technician:  DSN:  750-0941, COM:  (910) 450-0941, FAX DSN: 750-0326, FAX COM:  (910) 450-0326.  For enrollment at Det West contact SNCOIC/Instructional Systems Specialist DSN: 365-4746/ 361-5959.COM: (760) 725-4746 / 763-5959.