The Formal School Management Course is designed to provide information and training for newly assigned formal school advisors and leadership to effectively and efficiently plan, manage, coordinate, evaluate and report formal school functions.  This course will cover participation in the T&R process, the development and implementation of the staff and faculty development plan, evaluation plan, academic Standard Operating Procedure (SOP), the conduct of a Course Content Review Board (CCRB), adult learning theory, and MCTIMS functionality overview.



Bring a copy of your school's academic SOP to include your school's staff and faculty development plan and your school's evaluation plan.


Target Audience:

Those filling the billet of Formal School Manger IAW MCO 1553.2c, as well as those that administer or manage a Marine Corps Formal School (FS) to include (but not limited to): Academics Officers/Chiefs, Course Chiefs, Chief Instructors, POI Managers, Training Specialist 1712, Instructional Systems Specialist 1750, School Operations Officer/Chief, School Company Commanders, Testing Officers/Chiefs, and School Executive Officers.


Course Length:

Phase I consists of 21 days online training (Moodle) / Phase II consists of 3 training day resident at T3S Detachments East and West and via Mobile Training Team (MTT).


Training Focus:

Formal school managers at Marine Corps Formal School.


Enrollment instructions & POC:

For enrollment at Det East: Contact T3S Training Technician: Email:, DSN:  750-0941, COM:  (910) 450-0941, FAX DSN: 750-0326, FAX COM:  (910) 450-0326. 


For enrollment at Det West: Contact SNCOIC/Instructional Systems Specialist DSN: 365-4746/ 361-5959.COM: (760) 725-4746 / 763-5959.