The Instructor Development Course is designed to thoroughly equip instructors to prepare, rehearse, and deliver instruction that promotes transfer of learning using instructional methodologies and techniques that bolster active instruction.  This course supports entry level, career progression, and values based training in Marine Corps Formal Schools (MCFSs) and Operational Forces (OpFor).  Upon successful completion of this course instructors will possess the knowledge and skills required to succeed at their formal school or OpFor unit.  The objectives for this course are; the preparation and delivery of instruction, communication strategies, questioning techniques, educational strategies, employment of instructional methods, feedback and assessment, and a variety of supplemental knowledge and skills (IDC POI).



Assignment as an instructor at a Marine Corps FS or operational unit.

Target Audience:

An instructor is categorized as individuals assigned to a teaching billet or faculty position that facilitate learning as their primary duty.  An instructor can be a Marine, civil servant, or other service member who teaches a designated course approved by the appropriate general/flag officer in the chain of command. Augmented personnel support used as training aids (e.g. role players, demonstrator cadre) for instruction are not categorized to be an instructor.  All instructors are required to complete the designated service-level instructor course(s) or other service instructor course within 120 days of assignment. Per responsibilities established in this policy for the Course Chief, instructors will specifically support MLF development and management (NAVMC 1553.2).

Course Length: 
Phase I consists of 14 days online training (Moodle) / Phase II consists of 7 training day resident at T3S Detachments East and West and via Mobile Training Team (MTT). 

Training Focus:
Marine Corps FS Instructors and OpFor Instructors; required training by MCO 1553.2c.

Enrollment Instructions & POC:
For enrollment at Det East: Contact T3S Training Technician: Email:, DSN:  750-0941, COM:  (910) 450-0941, FAX DSN: 750-0326, FAX COM:  (910) 450-0326. 

For enrollment at Det West: Contact SNCOIC/Instructional Systems Specialist DSN: 365-4746/ 361-5959.COM: (760) 725-4746 / 763-5959.