Train the Trainer School - T3S
Historical Background


Train the Trainer School (T3S), is home to the Basic Instructor, Senior Instructor, Curriculum Developer and Formal School Management Courses.  Our mission is to train and educate military and civilian personnel assigned to leadership and instructional billets in the Supporting Establishment and Operating Forces in the analysis, design, development, implementation and evaluation of Individual and Unit Training using the Systems Approach to Training and Education.  T3S trains in excess of 2,000 career-level Marines and civilians annually.  Additionally, T3S supports Commanders’ efforts to enhance the efficiency of their educational and instructional programs with on-site curriculum assistance visits tailored to address unit needs.

T3S Headquarters is located In Bldg M305. The Courses are held in Bldg M324 on Camp Johnson aboard Camp Lejeune, North Carolina. T3S Detachment West may be found in Area 52, Camp Pendleton, California. Contact information provided in the Contact Us section of this site.

Our curriculum is challenging. You will find resources on this site designed to fully prepare you for arrival, as well as instruction.  Please use them to your advantage.

All course materials for Train the Trainer School courses can be viewed and/or downloaded via the Training Resource Module. In order to do so the user must possess a Common Access Card (CAC) and complete the following:

1. Insert CAC into CAC enabled computer.

2. Navigate to the Marine Corps Training Information Management System (MCTIMS) site at:

3. Set up a MCTIMS account, if needed.

4. Click on the "Training Resource" module in the top right of the screen.

5. Click the "Search" tab and type the course name.

6. Double click on the Course Title.

7. Double click on the desired Lesson Title.

8. Double click on the desired course materials for that lesson.

9. View and/or download desired materials.

If you have questions, do not hesitate to call our Academics office at (910) 450-1835/1268 or DSN 750-1835/1268 Registration (910) 450-0941 or DSN 750-0941.

We look forward to your arrival! The Staff and Faculty of T3S strive to provide our utmost support of your organization’s training requirements; please call on us.