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Your Marine will spend the majority of his/her training in the field with no access to cell phones.  Contact is typically limited upon returning to base.  The best course of action is to receive calls during the weekend.


Graduations are closed to the public at this time due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  The option to pick up your Marine upon graduation is available.  Ensure to actively communicate with your Marine concerning graduation information.


The ceremony takes place in the Camp Geiger Gymnasium. Red signs will show you how to get there.


There will be about 5 minutes to visit with your Marine directly after graduation. There will also be additional time for you to meet with your son while he moves his gear onto buses on his Company's parade deck


Depending on where your Marine will be permanently stationed, he will either be picked up by his unit, or fly to his new unit.


The Marine's new unit will make the decision to grant leave or not. It is likely that your Marine will at least get the weekend off.


Camp Lejeune is about a 20 minute drive from Camp Geiger.