Company D


The instructors and staff of Delta Company pride ourselves in training entry-level Marines in the profession of arms in a safe, yet physically and academically challenging period of instruction. We believe that mastering the basics, accountability, and attention to detail are keys to providing the Fleet Marine Force with the world's best-trained infantry Marines. In order to provide the Marine Corps with the highest quality infantry Marine, I demand steadfast professionalism and leadership from my staff.

In turn, I also demand that our student Marines learn from our instructors, and realize the importance of their training as the foundation of the skills needed to succeed in the Fleet Marine Force. Upon graduating from the School of Infantry, the development of our student Marines will set them up for success as they move on to their first duty station. However, the learning process does not end as they leave the School of Infantry.

As infantry Marines, they will continuously learn about the profession of arms when they arrive at their Fleet unit, just as my staff and continuously learn and develop ourselves as leaders of Marines.

If you have any questions, please contact our Company Staff Duty Officer.