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Scout Sniper Course

SNCOIC POC: GySgt Sabel 910-449-0472


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Purpose: The purpose of this course is to train a Marine in the knowledge and skills required of a Scout Sniper serving in an Infantry Battalion or Reconnaissance unit. During this course, instruction focuses on the fundamentals of Scout Sniper field skills, marksmanship, and mission planning. Marines qualify on the M40 series sniper rifle, M110 Semi-Automatic Sniper System (SASS), and M107 Special Application Scoped Rifle (SASR). The course culminates with a comprehensive field exercise that evaluates the Marine's ability to perform all duties required of a Scout Sniper serving in an Infantry Battalion or a Reconnaissance unit.


Trained Items:

-Land Navigation

-Known Distance Marksmanship


-Unknown Distance Marksmanship

-Limited Visibility Target Engagement

-Call for Fire

-High Frequency Communications

-Mission Planning

-Reconnaissance and Surveillance Patrolling


Preparation: Students will run a PFT on the course convene date, they must achieve a 235 or higher to begin training.  Scout Sniper Course is very physically demanding, therefore students must arrive in a high state of physical fitness.  Additionally, students should be proficient in the following Training and Readiness events:










Duration: 57 Training Days and 2 Administrative Days