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Advanced Infantry Training Battalion


Advanced Infantry Training Battalion

School of Infantry - East

Camp Geiger, NC

SNCOIC POC: GySgt Simser 910-449-2197


Command Screening Checklist


Gear List


Purpose: Provide Training and Education to future and current Infantry Unit Leaders within an Infantry Battalion. The methodologies used are designed to put Infantry Unit Leaders in situations that prepare them to assume the role of the commander in their absence. The course allows the students’ the ability to develop their decision-making and adaptive leadership skills by demonstrating them in a training environment. The desired end state is to develop the technical skills, tactical decision making and leadership of the student.


Trained Items:

  • Small Unit Training
  • Combat Orders
  • Platoon and Company- Level Offensive Operations
  • Platoon and Company- Level Defensive Operations
  • Platoon- Level Patrolling Operations
  • Fire Support Planning and Employment
  • Mortar Employment and Mortar Gunnery
  • Machinegun Employment and Machinegun Gunnery
  • Anti-armor Weapons and Employment


Duration: 55 Training days



               The student will execute a Core Competency Assessment on T-2 while being evaluated on the following 1000 Level T&R Events to gain entry into the course.

  • Land Navigation
  • Operational Terms and Graphics
  • Combat Orders
  • Communications
  • Weapons Capabilities and Limitations
  • Weapons Disassembly/ Assembly and Function Check
  • Call for Fire