SNCOIC POC: GySgt Forrest 910-449-0081


    Command Screening Checklist


    Gear List


    Purpose:  To develop an infantry NCO that trains and leads their unit, in accordance with his commander's intent, across the Range of Military Operations (ROMO) with a bias for action that supports the Marine Corps maneuver warfare philosophy in a complex operating environment.


    Trained Items:

    • Decision Making
    • METT-T Analysis
    • Assessing the problem/ situation
    • Developing the problem/ situation
    • Formulate a decision
    • Communicating the decision
    • Adapting to change
    • Conduct post combat actions
    • Understanding of MCDP 1 and MCDP 1-3
    • Fire Support Planning/Integration
    • Machinegun Employment
    • Mortar Employment
    • Assault Employment
    • Anti-Armor Employment
    • Patrolling 
    • Offensive Operations
    • Defensive Operations
    • Urban Operations


    Duration: 6 Weeks



    Training Command