Infantry Train the Trainer (IT3) course can be tailored to meet the requesting unit needs based on audience, timeline, future training objectives and commander's intent. 

The purpose of the Train The Trainer Course is to train Unit Training Management.  This will be done by covering; what training is, Mission Essential Task List, standards, Systems Approach to Training/Unit Training
Management/Unit Readiness Plan, mentorship, roles and responsibilities, and orders and directives.
This is a three phase program of instruction focusing on two different target populations; Staff NCOs/Officers, and NCOs. Each phase consists of instruction in the five phases of the Systems Approach to Training (SAT): Analyze, Design, Develop, Implement, Evaluation; and Unit Training Management (UTM). The two different phases complement each other, focusing on each respective target population's role in the Systems Approach to Training and Unit Training Management. The final exercise includes both target populations and grades their abilities to work together to apply all elements of SAT and UTM.

Contact:  910-449-0302