SNCOIC POC: GySgt Wagner (910) 449-0590


    Command Screening Checklist



    Purpose: To provide advanced machinegun skills to 0331s serving as a machinegun squad leader for a machinegun section in an infantry weapons platoon, or as a heavy machinegun squad/section leader in a heavy machinegun platoon of an infantry weapons company. This course emphasizes technical and tactical proficiency. Upon completion, the student will be able to advise the commander on the employment of a machinegun unit in the offense, defense, and urban operations.



    Trained Items:

    • Offensive & Defensive Operations
    • Advise unit commander on machinegun employment 
    • War fighting and decision making
    • Advanced land navigation
    • Motorized Operations
    • Combat reports
    • Combat orders
    • Train the trainer
    • Laying MG using a M2 compass; overhead fire; defilade fire
    • Fire support planning, call for indirect fire and close air support
    • M2 & Mk19 HMGs and M240 MMG core competencies and employment


    Duration: 6 Weeks

    Training Command