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School Of Infantry - East

Training Command

"Every Marine is a Rifleman"
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Mission: School of Infantry-East

“The School of Infantry-East conducts standards-based common combat skills, entry-level infantry skills, advanced infantry skills, and advanced infantry skills progression training through Combat Instructors in order to provide professionally trained Marines prepared for service throughout the Marine Corps.”


Marine Combat Training

  • Common Combat Skills for all Marines except those entering an 03XX MOS.

  • 29 days of rigorous training

    • Combat Marksmanship, MOUT, Land Navigation, Patrolling, Tactical and Radio Communication

  • Training is continuous through weekends.

  • After graduation, report to follow-on MOS school.

  • Marines may remain at SOI-East/Camp Geiger for Guard Duties awaiting follow-on MOS school date, etc.

  • Leave is not normally granted between MCTBn and follow-on MOS schools.


Infantry Training Battalion

  • 59 days of rigorous training

    • (29) days of basic rifleman / common combat skills followed by (30) days of infantry MOS-specific training

  • MOS producing school

    • 0311 Rifleman, 0331 Machine Gunner, 0341 Mortarman, 0351 Assaultman, 0352, Anti-tank Guided Missileman

  • After graduation, report to Operational Forces, Infantry Battalion, Marine Corps Security Force Regiment, 8th & I, or follow on MOS School.

  • Ensure that the driver has access to come aboard base.

  • Must have military I.D. or dependent I.D.

  • We will not come get you at the front gate!


  • If you miss your flight or bus, are involved in an accident, have any delays or cancellations dealing with your transportation or travel plans to SOI-East, it must be reported to the Mike Company SDO, Admin Service Center (ASC) or Officer of the Day (OOD) as soon as possible. If you need directions or have any questions at all, call any number listed below for assistance.


  • Phone: 910-449-0235



    • Call the ASC during working hours. Call the OOD after working hours, during weekends and holidays.


  • ASC: 910-449-2244 (0730-1630)

  • OOD: 910-449-0179

  • OOD Cell: 910-376-5485

    • Additional info may be obtained at SOI-E Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/SOI.East

  • Call your recruiter immediately upon getting home on leave.

  • Inform them of your PRASP, get specific instructions and follow the prescribed checklist from your local recruiting station.

  • Ensure your SERVICE ALPHA UNIFORM is ready for check in

  • DO NOT give the recruiter your original orders; you will need them when you check into SOI-East.

  • DO NOT:

    • Spend all your money while on leave

    • Hang-out in town prior to reporting in

    • Lose your original orders

    • Get any tattoos while on leave or PRASP

  • Military Identification Card

  • Military-issued prescription glasses or inserts.

    • NO CONTACTS!! They will not be permitted at any time during training.

    • This includes over the counter, designer and color contacts.

    • Bring civilian glasses as well.

  • Cash ($200.00)/Debit Card

  • Carry-on bag/ On your person:

    • Glasses / Inserts

    • (1) set of boots

    • (2) set of woodland utilities

    • Service Record Book

    • Medical/Dental records

    • Hygiene gear


  • All Uniforms – do not give any uniform items away, you pay for replacements

  • (2) sets of appropriate civilian attire

  • If currently or previously married:

    • Original marriage certificate

    • Spouse’s original birth certificate

    • Certified copies of divorce decrees

    • Notarized copy of spouse’s SSN card


  • If you have children:

    • Original birth certificate

    • Notarized copy of SSN card

  • You may bring a cell phone, but it will be secured prior to field training.

  • Your computer or other electronic devices

  • Your privately owned vehicle (POV)

  • Fixed blade knives (Rambo) or any other personal weapons

  • Your spouse or children

  • Any tobacco products

  • Any alcohol

  • Any supplements



  • Report the following to the Mike Company Staff Duty Officer(SDO) ASAP:

    • Delays to your travel

    • Legal issues involving civilian authorities

    • Medical issues involving hospitalization


  • Mike Company SDO: 910-449-0235


  • ALTERNATE (Only if you cannot reach the Mike Company SDO)


  • Administrative Service Center (ASC) during working hours.

    • ASC: 910-449-2244 (0730-1630)


  • SOI-E OOD after working hours, during weekends and holidays.

    • OOD: 910-449-0179

    • OOD Cell: 910-376-5485


  • Media:

    • https://www.tecom.marines.mil/soieast

    • https://www.facebook.com/SOI.East

    • https://www.dvidshub.net/unit/MCSOI-E

  • Mailing Address:

    • Rank, Last Name, First Name, MI

    • School of Infantry – East (Company)

    • PSC Box 20161

    • Camp Lejeune, NC. 28542-0161

  • Albert J. Ellis Airport (Jacksonville, NC) is 16 miles from Camp Geiger

  • A Marine Liaison from SOI-E will be there to brief you upon arrival.

  • SOI-E will provide charted buses at the terminal that run from 0900 - 1530.

  • Taxi fare is approximately $35 – $40. You can team up with other Marines reporting in to split taxi fare.

  • Remember to change into your SERVICE ALPHA UNIFORM at the airport before checking into SOI-E.

  • Save receipt, you will be reimbursed during your next travel claim.


ALL Personnel reporting into the School of Infantry for permanent assignment, either PCS or PCA locally, report directly to the School of Infantry, 2nd Deck Ivy Hall, Building G-644. See the driving directions link in the navigation bar.


During normal working hours, both officers and enlisted personnel report to the Base Personnel Officer located on the 2nd deck of Ivy Hall, Building G-644.. After normal working hours, Marines will report in person to the Officer of the Day (OOD) located on the 1st deck of Ivy Hall, Building G-644.


During working hours:
School of Infantry East (Camp Geiger) Perm Personnel Administator

2nd Deck Ivy Hall, Building G-644, (910) 449-0441


After working hours:
School of Infantry East (Camp Geiger) OOD

1st deck Ivy Hall, Building G-644, (910) 449-0179


On Base Lodging:

The Camp Lejeune Visitor Center can be reached at (910) 451-2197.

Off Base Accommodations:

Visitors can also click on the link below to access information on accommodations in Onslow County.

Jacksonville Online

  • The School of Infantry-East (SOI-E) located in Jacksonville, NC is located aboard Camp Geiger.  Camp Geiger is adjacent to the Marine Corps Air Station New River (MCAS NR) and both share the same front gate.


  • REPORT IN SERVICE ALPHA UNIFORM with a fresh haircut.


  • Tuesday Check-In (0730 – 1600)

    • Report to entry level reception area, located between Buildings TC 829 and 836. (Look for red tents)


  • Wednesday - Monday

    • Report to Mike Company in building G-702, located on 7th St and C St, Camp Geiger


  • Report time is NLT 2359 on report date as annotated on orders.

  • Recommended to report a day earlier than required.

  • Proceed to SOI-E IMMEDIATELY when arriving in the greater Jacksonville area.

  • You ARE NOT authorized to obtain a hotel room; you can check-in 24/7 and receive billeting on base.

  • You ARE NOT authorized to tour Jacksonville or “Hang out” prior to check-in.

  • No Bus Station Located on Camp Geiger

  • Bus Station is located at 2434 Onslow Dr, Jacksonville Nc 28540

  • If Reporting By bus, change into ALPHA's as soon as you arrive to Camp Geiger

  • Taxi or Uber to Camp Geiger

  • Team up with other Marines reporting in, to split taxi fare to Geiger

  • Save receipt, you will be reimbursed during your next travel claim.