Doctrine Branch


 Develop new and maintain existing pubs to prepare engineer units and personnel in the Fleet Marine Forces for multi-Service, joint, allied, and multinational operations.


  • Designated USMC author for 33 pubs.
  • Support development and maintenance of USMC, multi-Service, and joint pubs
  • Support development and maintenance of Allied/multinational interoperability standards and doctrinal publications 
  • Direct support to HQMC, engineer units in the FMF, Formal Schools, other Services, and Allied/multinational partners
  • Reachback for technical support, research, analysis and functional collaboration
  • Support other missions as requested or required
DSN: (758)
Doctrine Analyst:  (910) 440-6010 
Doctrine Writer: (910) 440-7413 (vacant as of 11 Jan 16) 
Doctrine Writer:  (910) 440-7016 (vacant as of 28 Dec 21)
Doctrine Writer:  (910) 440-7000 (vacant as of 17 Dec 21)
Doctrine Writer:  (910) 440-7271 (vacant as of 30 Dec 21)


MCES Links:

Doctrine Branch Update Table - lists the publications that are being worked on by the MCES doctrine team, along with a brief description of the current status.  

Engineer Doctrine Placemat - contains a wiring diagram depicting engineer pubs with current actions.

Engineer MCTCs - Formally MCRPs, the MCTCs are available at this TECOM website.

Link to: Army Publication for M18A1 Claymore Munition

Pub errors - If you find an error in an engineer pub, download the form using the hyperlink below, fill out pertinent info and email to

Link to MCES Pub Change Form


 If you have any questions or comments, please email the Doctrine Content Manager or  call (910) 440-6010