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 Develop new and maintain existing pubs to prepare MAGTF engineer units and personnel for multi-Service, joint, allied, and multinational operations.


  • Designated USMC author for 33 engineer pubs
  • Support development and maintenance of USMC, multi-Service, joint pubs, and allied/multinational standards
  • Direct support to HQMC, Operating Force engineer units, Formal Schools, other Services, and allied /multinational partners
    • Reachback for technical support, research, analysis and functional collaboration
  • Support other missions as requested or required

DSN: (758)

Branch Head:  (910) 440-6010

Deputy Branch Head:  (910) 440-7016

Doctrine Writer:  (910) 440-7000

Doctrine Writer:  (910) 440-7271


MCES Links:  

Doctrine Branch Update Table - lists the publications that are being worked on by the MCES doctrine team, along with a brief description of the current status.  

Engineer Doctrine Placemat - contains a wiring diagram depicting engineer pubs with current actions.

Engineer MCTCs - Formally MCRPs, the MCTCs are available at this TECOM website.

Link to: Army Publication for M18A1 Claymore Munition

 If you have any questions or comments, please email the Webmaster  or  call (910) 440-7016