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DtD Mission Statement:
Provide the Marine Corps with flexible, responsive, and standardized C-IED training IOT prepare units for operations in an IED environment.  The Marine Corps Engineer School (MCES) Defeat the Device (DtD) training program is designed to meet the PTP and sustainment requirements for all Marines, all MOSs, and all MSCs.  The end state of the C-IED Strategy is to ensure that when Geographic Combatant Commanders (GCCs) receive MAGTFs they are optimally organized, fully trained, and well equipped to operate in an IED environment across the range of military operations (ROMO).

Contact Information:

Branch Head

(910) 440-7236

MTC East 

(910) 449-4407

Branch Chief

(910) 440-7556

MTC West

(760) 763-3634 

Ops Lead

(910) 440-6016

MTC 29 Palms

(540) 538-1420

Ops Chief

(910) 440-7167 


(503) 400-2133