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Support the Mission of MCCSSS by upholding Marine Standards, ethos, morale, good order and discipline throughout the functions of consolidated company command; while providing general support to the four MOS producing schools and tenant commands.

Captain Michael J. Soltis 1 years 28 days ago

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"I am just R3ing you." Engaged leadership at all levels as well as peer to peer accountability forms the foundation of our success. In order to foster an environment in which peer to peer accountability becomes not only accepted but more importantly expected. This program is designed to have Marines, sailors and civilians within the command recognize a minor discrepancy that when corrected may avoid subsequent or more serious discrepancies.

Recognize - The need to be familiar with what "right behavior" looks like and the rules and regulations that govern the conduct of training is imperative to recognizing when discrepancies exist.


Respond - Taking action to stop or correct the improper behavior vice either walking past and/or expecting others to make the correction. 


Report - By making corrections and then informing the chain of command, trends or precursors to more serious violations can be identified and through engaged leadership corrective action taken at the lowest level.

Captain Amy A. VanHeel
Company Commander, H&S Company

First Sergeant David M. Frank
Company First Sergeant, H&S Company

Commercial    910-450-XXXX
DSN    750-XXXX
Company Commander   1235
Executive Officer      1234
1st Sgt   1236
Company GySgt     1232
Admin Chief    1231
Training Chief   1237