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Posters provide a visual reminder of current and relevant information for Marine Students. Posters can be prominently displayed in classrooms, lobbies on bulkheads or bulletin boards. The visual elements on a poster can convey powerful messages and can make you stop and think about the message being conveyed. Always display posters in prominent places where they will have the most visual effect. When placed correctly, posters have the ability to stick in students' minds and can be a great tool to increase awareness. Make sure to take down old posters that do not support the current lesson or subject. Posters provide a logical and cost-effective way of communicating. For durability, it is best to print posters from a large format plotter and laminate them. To save a file, right click on the thumbnail and select "Save Target As..."

WARNING: This training media is intended for the non-profit training of United States Marines and Sailors. No duplication or further dissemination of this media is authorized outside of Marine Corps Training and Education Command. Our imagery is provided without talent releases on any individual portrayed. Imagery is provided with the understanding that the DoD has no authority to waive the privacy rights of any individual depicted in government media. And no exclusive rights to official records may be claimed by any organization or individual. Users of DoD imagery will notportray,implicate or otherwise imply endorsement bythe Department of Defense for any commercial product or service. For further information on the Commercial use of Imagery please refer to


Training Innovation Hotline

Poster Name: Training Innovation Hotline


Got a Bright Idea? Then the Training Innovation Hotline is for you.

Target Audience: Marines.








Training Innovation Hotline