Images and words, in mutual support, are the oldest conveyers of information in human history.  Today’s Marines are accustomed to receiving the bulk of their information daily using all senses.  Delivering information through multiple forms of media dramatically improves the chance of successful communication and transfer of information by addressing all learning styles. Over fifty years of educational research indicates that still and motion media are the most effective medium to learn both from and with.

Marines train as they fight.  Using Combat Camera imagery brings the Marine Corps into the classroom.  Images, photographs, graphics, and videos or films enhance initial comprehension and have been proven to aid in the long-term retention of information.  Media in the resident training of Marines are appropriate for triggering ideas; making difficult subjects more understandable; enhancing initial comprehension while holding attention on important areas; and helping students visualize a lesson and transfer abstract concepts into concrete, easier to remember objects.

Combat Camera
Marine Corps Combat Service Support Schools
Camp Johnson, North Carolina

Media is used in instruction to:

  • Gain attention
  • Recall prerequisites
  • Present objectives to the students
  • Present new content
  • Support learning through examples and visual elaboration
  • Elicit student response
  • Provide Feedback
  • Enhance retention and transfer
  • Assess students' performance

Words that don't evoke a mental image don't carry a message and images that don't evoke a mental meaning or those that can't be discussed with words, have no communication value.



- Information is processed up to 400 times faster using images with words.

- Videos convey large amounts of complex information quickly and accurately and are faster for the mind to process.

- Graphics organize students’ thoughts and categorize important information quickly as they learn.

              Thomas C. Reeves, Ph.D.

              The University of Georgia


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