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Train the Trainer School


Train the Trainer School

"Professional experts creating the best educators in the military"

Camp Johnson, NC

T3S conducts Mobile Training Teams (MTT) for Instructor Development Course (IDC).  MTTs are taught at the requesting unit's location.  Students must be considered TAD to T3S while attending these courses.  All appointments and duties must be rescheduled to avoid conflicts with the training schedule.  If your command would like to schedule a MTT, contact the T3S Operations Officer for inclusion in the next fiscal year Training Input Plan (TIP).

Site Requirements:   

Provided by T3S if required:

  • Computer (Laptop)
  • Projector (Proxima)
  • Student Materials

Provided by Host:

  • 1 classroom to accommodate 18 - 48 students
  • 1 additional classroom for every 6 students
  • 1 turn chart for every 6 students
  • 1 dry erase board for every 6 students
  • 1 overhead projector per classroom