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Notice: Due to Hurricane Florence the Chaplain's Office has temporarily moved to building M403.

United States Navy Chaplain Corps

USN Chaplain Corps Vision

“Devoted to God and Country, we unite to deliver innovative, life transforming service throughout and beyond the Sea Services.”

Chaplain Corps Mission Statement

“Our mission is to develop personnel and families of operating forces and the Camp Lejeune community for spiritual and personal readiness, through ministries or pastoral care and the provision and facilitation for the free exercise of religion.”


Your MCCSSS/Camp Johnson Religious Ministry Team

Commercial (910) 450-0991/0090, DSN: 750-0991/0090 

Fax: 910-450-0866, DSN 750-0866

Who is the Chaplain?

The Chaplain is an ordained clergy person (minister, priest, rabbi or imam) who is on active duty to serve Marines, Sailors and their families by providing worship opportunities, counseling and ensuring spiritual needs are met.  The Chaplain is a Staff Officer to the Commanding Officer.

What does the Chaplain do?

  • Conducts worship and provide sacramental rites in his/her own religious tradition.
  • Facilitates religious opportunities for all faith groups.
  • Provides confidential counseling.
  • Conducts training on relative subjects.
  • Visits ill and wounded Marines and Sailors.
  • Provides community outreach opportunities.
  • Advises the Command on issues of morale and well-being.

Camp Johnson

  • Protestant Divine Service:  Sunday 0830
  • Eastern Orthodox Services:  Sunday 1000
  • Feast Day & Special Services as announced
  • Bible Study & Prayer: Tuesday 1830 Four Corners Recreation

Camp Lejeune

Click here for the Camp Lejeune Base Chapel Schedule

MCAS New River

  • Catholic Service:  Sunday 0900
  • Protestant Service: Sunday 1100
  • Gospel:  Sunday 1300


  • MCCSSS/Camp Johnson Chaplain's Office: (Chapel - Bldg. M116)   450-0090/0991 (Temporarily located in building M403)
  • MCB Command Duty Officer: (After 1630) (910) 451-2414
  • MCCSSS AOD: (910) 450-1045
  • Camp Lejeune Naval Hospital: (Hospital Information) (910) 450-4300
  • American Red Cross: (910) 451-2173 or 1-877-272-7337 (24hr)
  • CREDO (Chaplains Religious Enrichment Development Operation: (910) 450-1668
  • Marine Corps Family Team Building: (910) 451-9380