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Permanent Personnel & Students: Checking into Logistics Operations School during normal working hours should report to the Personnel Administration Center (PAC) located in building M130 on Camp Johnson (the second building on the right after passing through the main gate). After normal working hours report in person to the Command Duty Officer (CDO) at building M131, Camp Johnson, (the first building on the right after passing through the main gate) or call the CDO at 450-1045. All personnel will report in the Service Alpha uniform. Upon completion of reporting in, you will then report to building M79 (the large two-story building on the right side as you leave the front door of PAC). We are located on the back side of the building, 1st Deck, Room #1174A.

Logistics Officer Course students: Please click on Combat Service Support link (far right) and select Logistics Officer Course link (underneath) for specific course information and points of contact.

Uniform/Equipment Requirements: Students should bring appropriate Service uniforms. Students will check in wearing the Service "A" uniform. Utility Woodland uniform will be worn for winter months and Utility Desert uniform will be worn for summer months for all periods of instruction Monday-Friday. Service "B" or “C” uniforms, depending on the season, will be worn on Fridays. The uniform for graduation is the Service "B" or “C” uniform, depending on the season. PT gear (green/green) is also required to include sweats, watch cap, and gloves during winter months.

Billeting: Government quarters are available for all enlisted students.  Staff Sergeants and above, and Officers will be billeted in the All Points Inn or out in town; there is a cost associated with this billeting.

Messing: Mess Hall is available for all enlisted students. SNCOs and Officers on TDY orders from outside the local area will receive per deim based on billeting location or as directed on orders.

Parking: POVs will be parked in the lot adjacent to building M79. Do not park in the numbered spaces, as they are reserved for permanent personnel and instructors.

Location: Marine Corps Combat Service Support Schools, Camp Johnson/Montford Point. The entrance to Camp Johnson is located 5 miles west of the Camp Lejeune main gate on Hwy 24, at the site of the Beirut Memorial and the North Carolina Veteran's Cemetery.

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Travel Instructions 7/22/201516.54 KBDownload

Take exit 364 (Hwy 24 East) towards Kenansville
Follow Hwy 24 into Jacksonville to Camp Johnson

From I95
Exit on Hwy 70 East in Selma, NC
In Kinston, NC take Hwy 258 East towards Jacksonville, NC
Hwy 258 will merge with Hwy 24 East which leads to Camp Johnson.

From Hwy 17
Follow to Jacksonville, NC where you will pick up at Hwy 24 East which leads to Camp Johnson



Telephone numbersDSN: 750-XXXX
Commercial: 910-450-XXXX

CO / XO / 1stSgt -1146
Operations Officer -0806
Academics Officer -1153
Academics Chief -1164
Academics -1154
Ops Chief -0263
Future Ops. -1750

CO -1024
SNCOIC -0263
Company GySgt-1033

CO -1752
SNCOIC -0086
Company GySgt -1031

CO -0861
Instructional SNCOIC -1295
Company GySgt - 0731

After Hours
SDNCO -0939
CDO -1045