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Field Medical Training Battalion - East


Field Medical Training Battalion - East

Training Command

Camp Lejeune, NC

ANNEX A -  USMC Orientation
Marine Corps History
MCRD-HIST-1004  Rank Structure of the USMC
MCRD-LDR-1015  Marine Corps Leadership
MCRD-MGTF-1001/2/3  Mission & Organization of USMC
MCRD-UNIF-1001/02/05/06  Marine Corps Uniforms
MCRD-UNIF-1003/04  Civilian Attire and Personal Appearance
ANNEX B - Marine Corps Martial Arts Program
MCRD-TAN-1001  Apply the Fundamentals of MCMAP
MCRD-TAN-1002  Execute Punches
MCRD-TAN-1003  Execute Falls
MCRD-TAN-1004  Execute Bayonet Techniques
MCRD-TAN-1005  Execute Upper Body Strikes
MCRD-TAN-1006  Lower Body Strikes
MCRD-TAN-1007  Execute Chokes
MCRD-TAN-1008  Execute Legs Sweeps
MCRD-TAN-1009  Execute Counters to Strikes
MCRD-TAN-1010  Counters to Chokes and Holds
 MCRD-TAN-1011  Unarmed Manipulations
 MCRD-TAN-1012  Execute Armed Manipulations
 MCRD-TAN-1013  Execute Knife Techniques
ANNEX C - Combat Life Saver
8404-MED-2010 Perform Tactical Combat Casualty Care
MCRD-MED-1013/14 Treat Heat or Cold Injury
ANNEX D - Ministry In Combat
2401-ADMN-2002 Manage a Marine Corps Command Religious Program (CRP)
2401-ADMN-2003 Religions/Practices Brief
2401-MED-2005 Religious Ministry Support in a Mass Casualty
2401-OPS-2001 Facilitate Religious Ministry in an Expeditionary Environment
2401-OPS-2002  Memorial Ceremony
2401-PAT-2001  Religious Ministry Team Force Protection
MCRD-LDR-1001  Personal Assistance
MCRD-LDR-1007   Operational Culture
MCRD-LDR-1016/17/19  Combat Leadership
MCRD-LDR-1018  Combat Operational Stress Control
 MCRD-LDR-1021/22/23  Code of Conduct and Your Rights and Obligations as a Prisoner of War
ANNEX E - USMC Combat Skills
MCRD-CBRN-1001 Employ the Field Protective Mask (FPM)
MCRD-COMM-1001 Hand and Arm Signals
MCRD-IND-1002 Camouflage Self and Equipment
MCRD-IND-1003 Field Sanitation
MCRD-IND-1004 March Under an Assault Load
MCRD-PAT-1002/3 Introduction to Basic Map Reading, the Lensatic Compass, & Land Navigation
MCRD-PAT-1005 Individual Movement Techniques
MCT-CMBH-1001/02/03/04 Combat Hunter
MCT-COMM-1002 Limited Visibility Devices
MCT-COMM-1003/04 Radio Communications
MCT-DEF-1001/2   Defensive Fundamentals
MCT-IED-1001/2  Improvised Explosive Devices (IED)
MCT-IND-1004   Maintain Sleep Hygiene
MCT-MOUT-1001  Military Operations on Urban Terrain
MCT-PAT-1001/3/4/5  Patrolling Fundamentals

 ANNEX G - Rifle Familiarization

MCRD-M16-1001/02/03/04  Service Rifle Familiarization
MCRD-M16-1005/06/07  Rifle Marksmanship
MCRD-M16-1008/09/10/11/12/13  Indoor Simulated Marksmanship Trainer
MCRD-M16-1014 Rifle Marksmanship (Table 2) Familiarization Fire