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Field Medical Training Battalion - East


Field Medical Training Battalion - East

Training Command

Camp Lejeune, NC


BLOCK 1 Table of Contents
FMST 101 Rank Structure of the USMC
FMST 102 Marine Corps History
FMST 103 USMC Organizational Structure/Chain of Command
FMST 104 Traits and Principles of Marine Corps Leadership
FMST 105 USMC Uniform Regulations
FMST 106 Individual Combat Equipment
FMST 107 Code of Conduct and the Rights of POWs
FMST 108 M16/M4 Service Rifle
FMST 109 Treat Dehydration Casualties
FMST 110 Manage Environmental Heat Injuries
FMST 111 Manage Environmental Cold Injuries
FMST 112 Perform Care of the Feet
BLOCK 2 Table of Contents
FMST 201 Perform Water Purification for Individual Use
FMST 202 Supervise Field Waste Disposal
FMST 203 Field Communications
FMST 204 Individual Movement Techniques
FMST 205 Patrolling
FMST 206 Land Navigation
FMST 207 Improvised Explosive Device
FMST 208 Manage Envenomation Injuries
FMST 209 Five Paragraph Order
BLOCK 3 Table of Contents
FMST 301 M-40 Field Protective Mask
FMST 302 Don Mission-Oriented Protective Posture (MOPP) Gear
FMST 303 Manage Chemical Agent Casualties
FMST 304 Manage Biological Agent Casualties
FMST 305 Manage Radiological Warfare Casualties
BLOCK 4 Table of Contents
FMST 401 Introduction to Tactical Combat Casualty Care
FMST 402 Manage Hemorrhage
FMST 403 Maintain Airway
FMST 404 Perform Emergency Cricothyroidotomy
FMST 405 Manage Respiratory Trauma
FMST 406 Manage Shock Casualties
FMST 407 Tactical Fluid Resuscitation
FMST 408 Manage Head, Neck, and Face Injuries
FMST 409 Manage Abdominal Injuries
FMST 410 Manage Musculoskeletal Injuries
BLOCK 5 Table of Contents
FMST 501 Blast Related Injuries
FMST 502 Evaluate Traumatic Brain Injury
FMST 503 Manage Burn Casualties
FMST 504 Conduct Triage
FMST 505 Coordinate Casualty Tactical Evacuation (TACEVAC)
FMST 506 Perform Aid Station Procedures
FMST 507 Medical Support for Military Operations in Urban Terrain (MOUT)
FMST 508 Recognize Combat Stress Disorders
FMST 509 Perform Casualty Assessment