Field Medical Training Battalion-East (FMTB-E)

BLOCK 1 Table of Contents
FMSO 100 Rank Structure
FMSO 101 USMC History
FMSO 102 USMC Organizational Structure
FMSO 103 USMC Leadership
FMSO 104 USMC Uniform Regulation
FMSO 105 Individual Combat Equipment
FMSO 106 Intro To Tactical Combat Casualty
FMSO 107 Conduct Triage
FMSO 108 VHF Radio
FMSO 109 Coordinate Casualty Evacuation
BLOCK 2 Table of Contents
FMSO 201 Manage Force Health Protection
FMSO 202 Care of Feet 
FMSO 203 Water Purification
FMSO 204 Field Waste Disposal
FMSO 205 Health Service Support Plan
FMSO 206 Field Medical Service Training Program
FMSO 207 Recognize Combat Stress Disorders
FMSO 208 Traumatic Brain Injury
FMSO 209 Field Protective Mask
FMSO 210 Don Mission-Oriented Protective Posture (MOPP) Gear
FMSO 211 Improvised Explosive Device
FMSO 212 Land Navigation
FMSO 213 M9 Service Pistol Familiarization

Training Command