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Field Medical Training Battalion - East


Field Medical Training Battalion - East

Training Command

Camp Lejeune, NC
Interservice Postal Training Activity


Interservice Postal Training Activity

Marine Corps Combat Service Support Schools

Fort Jackson, SC


Commanding Officer’s Equal Opportunity Policy Statement

BLUF: ALL personnel shall be treated with dignity and respect!  Every member of this Command shall know, understand and apply the principles of Equal Opportunity.

The Department of the Navy is dedicated to the equality of treatment and professional opportunity for all personnel without regard to: race, creed, color, gender, age, disability, or national origin.  Accordingly, we shall ensure that all personnel are provided fair and equitable consideration based on individual merit, fitness, and capability.

Equal Opportunity means that every individual serving in a Marine Corps or Navy Command has an equal opportunity to succeed in a fertile environment free from discrimination and sexual harassment.  Equal Opportunity does not mean that we are somehow exempt from the rules and regulations that govern good order and discipline.  All personnel shall act like adults and be treated as adults.

Should discrimination or sexual harassment occur, you have a moral obligation to report it immediately through your Chain of Command, to the appointed Equal Opportunity Manager, or formally to me through the Request Mast process.  Likewise, as appropriate, leaders at all levels are encouraged to solve equal opportunity complaints at lowest levels through informal resolution.

For any questions regarding Equal Opportunity, contact your chain of command or the Battalion’s Equal Opportunity Officer.


Non sibi sed patriae & Semper Fidelis


Captain, Medical Service Corps

U.S. Navy