Headquarters & Support Battalion

Headquarters and Support Battalion provides essential operational, administrative, logistical, and legal services to SOI-E, training units and permanent personnel in order to facilitate the development of entry level and advanced students, as well as permanent personnel.

LtCol C. R. Everett
Commanding Officer

SgtMaj P. M. Crosby II
Sergeant Major

H&S Battalion News

From 16-17 November 2021, Headquarters and Support Battalion Marines, School of Infantry-East (SOI-E) conducted training focused on machine guns and communications equipment in preparation for follow-on live-fire training in December.  Marines were taught about the AN/PRC-117F’s, AN/PRC-152’s, and AN/PRC-150’s by SSgt Dowell, LCpl Belmont, and LCpl Lopez from the Communications Section.  SSgt Moore and Sgt Love from Adanced Infantry Training Battalion led training for the M240B and M2 weapon systems.
In order to progress towards the goals of Force Design 2030, Headquarters and Support Battalion, SOI-E has taken the initiative to train our Marines to operate in unique and dynamic future combat environments.  Through the use of combat instructors and subject matter experts within the battalion and across the school, we provide tactical training to reinforce and build upon combat skills that are in keeping with “Every Marine a Rifleman”.  This monthly tactical training is called the Tactical Leadership Development Group (TLDG).

II MEF Surgeon Visit to SOI-E
II MEF Surgeon, Captain Hollis, recognized HM3 Stephan Thomas aboard SOI-East on 15 Nov 2021 for superior dedication to the performance of his duties during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.  While performing sick call and symptom monitoring for confirmed COVID-19 positive patients in the accession pipeline, he correctly identified symptoms of necrotizing fasciitis in a student's throat.
By all accounts this should have been confused with accompanying symptoms of a COVID-19 diagnosis.  His ability to enact a chain of interventions including further evaluation, multiple emergency surgeries, and a Very Seriously Injured (VSI) categorization, led to the successful treatment and rehabilitation of the patient.  Less than 6 months after diagnosis, HM3 Thomas' patient graduated from Infantry Training Battalion. Great work Sailor Thomas!
II MEF Surgeon Captain Hollis recognizes HM3 Thomas on his superior performance.   H&S Battalion Commander LtCol Lane congratulates HM3 Thomas on his great performance.