The Marine Corps Civil-Military Operations School is conducting a call for Civil Affairs Case Studies.  The case studies would be potentially used in the 0530 Civil Affairs Officer, 0531 Civil Affairs Noncommissioned Officer (active component), 0532 Civil Affairs Specialist  (reserve PMOS) courses as well as the CMO Planner Officer and CMO Planner Chief Courses.


Guidance for submission:


1) Summarize your scenario/problem faced in a quarter page...not to exceed half of a page. 


2) Summarize what you did to solve the problem set, how it turned out, or what you would have done differently.  Not to exceed half of a page.


3) Please include your name, rank, unit at time of scenario and your current contact info.  Limit of 2 submissions per Marine.



These case studies will be a valuable tool to Marines new to the community and they would benefit greatly from the vast experience that is already out there.


Please submit your case studies to: