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Civil Affairs Course 2-15
CMO Planner Course 3-15
HA/DR in Nepal
Civil Affairs Course 1-16
CA Marines work with the support of USAID and the Armed Forces of the Phillipines to deliver emergency supplies to those affected by typhoon Haiyan.
Civil Affairs Course 2-16
Civil Affairs Course 3-16
HA/DR in Nepal

The Marine Corps Civil-Military Operations School produces MOS trained Civil Affairs Marines who can assess the civil environment, identify civil considerations, and integrate them throughout the planning process and tactical execution.

MCCMOS provides training and education on Civil-Military Operations and Civil Affairs core competencies in order to support Operations in the Information Environment and MAGTF Operations throughout the conflict continuum.

The mission of Marine Corps Civil Affairs is to inform, influence, shape and gain access to the cognitive civil environment through targeted and integrated civil reconnaissance and civil engagements to achieve MAGTF objectives.

Marine Corps Civil-Military Operations School (MCCMOS) was established 1 October, 2011.  Formerly the Civil-Military Operations (CMO) Branch, Security Cooperation Education and Training Center, MCCMOS conducts entry level military occupational specialty training for both officer and enlisted Civil Affairs Marines as well as intermediate training and education in CMO planning, Stability Operations planning and Counterinsurgency theories and tactics, and contributes to civil-military operations training and readiness standards.
  1. To serve as the Marine Corps proponent for all facets of Civil Affairs and to be the focal point for CMO and CA doctrine, training, and standards.
  2. Conduct formal MOS qualification training for enlisted personnel with comprehensive knowledge and skills in the 0531 and 0532 MOSs.
  3. Conduct formal MOS qualification for officer in the 0530 MOS.
  4. Conduct intermediate formal MOS progression training for enlisted personnel in the knowledge and skills as a CMO Chief, FMOS 0539.
  5. Conduct intermediate formal MOS progression training for officers in the knowledge and skills as a CMO Planner, FMOS 0535.
  6. Conduct initial training on the Marine Civil Information Management System (MARCIMS).
  7. Conduct the Civil Affairs Integration Course for non-CA personnel.
  8. Promote training and education in civil affairs operations core competencies and their nested functions.
    1. ​Civil Affairs activities (CAA): civil reconnaissance, civil engagement, civil information management (CIM), civil-military operations center (CMOC), CMO planning.
    2. Military government operations (MGO): transitional military authority, support to civil administration.
    3. Civil Affairs supported activities (CASA): foreign assistance, foreign humanitarian assistance, populace and resources control, civil-military engagement. 
  9. Promote training and education in the Mission Essential Tasks, Conduct Civil-Military Operations and Civil Affairs Operations.
  10. Provide Mobile Training Teams for CMO and CA training as required.