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Training Command


Training Command

Quantico, Virginia
 TitleOwnerCategoryModified DateSize 
MCWP 2-25 Ground Reconnaissance Operations MCWP1/26/2016343.37 KBDownload
MCWP 2-3 MAGTF Intelligence Production and Analysis MCWP2/27/20154.02 MBDownload
MCWP 3-1 Ground Combat Operations MCWP2/27/20152.11 MBDownload
MCWP 3-11.1 Infantry Company Operations MCWP4/7/201519.23 MBDownload
MCWP 3-11.1A Commanders Tactical Notebook MCWP2/27/20151.01 MBDownload
MCWP 3-11.2 Marine Rifle Squad MCWP4/7/20152.87 MBDownload
MCWP 3-11.3 Scouting and Patrolling MCWP2/27/20152.21 MBDownload
MCWP 3-11.4 Helicopterborne Operations MCWP2/27/20151.19 MBDownload
MCWP 3-12 Marine Corps Tank Employment MCWP4/7/20152.79 MBDownload
MCWP 3-13 AAVs MCWP6/8/20153.71 MBDownload
MCWP 3-14 Employment of the LAR Battalion MCWP6/8/2015987.92 KBDownload
MCWP 3-14.1 LAV25 Gunnery and Employment MCWP6/30/2015UnknownDownload
MCWP 3-15.1 Machine Guns and Machine Gun Gunnery MCWP2/27/20151.00 MBDownload
MCWP 3-15.2 Tactical Employment of Mortars MCWP7/8/20158.62 MBDownload
MCWP 3-15.3 Sniping MCWP4/7/20159.07 MBDownload
MCWP 3-15.4 TOW Weapon System MCWP7/8/20159.93 MBDownload
MCWP 3-15.5 Anti-Armor Operations MCWP4/7/20151.85 MBDownload
MCWP 3-15.8 Tactical Employment of Nonlethal Weapons MCWP7/8/20155.11 MBDownload
MCWP 3-16 Fire Support Coordination in the Ground Combat Element MCWP2/27/20155.33 MBDownload
MCWP 3-16.1 Artillery Operations MCWP2/27/20154.05 MBDownload
MCWP 3-16.3 TTPs for the Field Artillery Cannon Battery MCWP7/8/20157.47 MBDownload
MCWP 3-16.6 Supporting Arms Observer Spotter and Controller MCWP2/27/20152.38 MBDownload
MCWP 3-17 Engineering Operations MCWP4/7/2015719.03 KBDownload
MCWP 3-17.3 MAGTF Breaching Operations MCWP4/7/20155.57 MBDownload
MCWP 3-2 Aviation Operations MCWP2/27/20151.30 MBDownload
MCWP 3-23 Offensive Air Support MCWP2/27/20151.06 MBDownload
MCWP 3-23.1 Close Air Support MCWP2/27/2015930.18 KBDownload
MCWP 3-23.2 Deep Air Support MCWP2/27/20151.56 MBDownload
MCWP 3-24 Assault Support MCWP2/27/20151.83 MBDownload
MCWP 3-25.3 Marine Air Command and Control System Handbook MCWP4/7/2015277.05 KBDownload
MCWP 3-26 Air Reconnaissance MCWP4/7/20151.19 MBDownload
MCWP 3-33.5 Counterinsurgency MCWP2/27/20155.67 MBDownload
MCWP 3-35.3 Military Operations on Urbanized Terrain MCWP2/27/20157.68 MBDownload
MCWP 3-37 MAGTF Nuclear Biological and Chemical Defense Operations MCWP2/27/20151.05 MBDownload
MCWP 3-37.2 Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Airforce MCWP4/7/20153.29 MBDownload
MCWP 3-42.1 Unanned Aircraft Systems Operations  12/15/20151.63 MBDownload
MCWP 3-43.1 Raid Operations MCWP4/7/20152.11 MBDownload
MCWP 3-43.3 Fire Support in MAGTF MCWP6/30/2015UnknownDownload
MCWP 3-43.3 MAGTF Fires MCWP7/8/20152.15 MBDownload
MCWP 4-1 Logistics Operations MCWP4/7/2015423.80 KBDownload
MCWP 4-11 Tactical-Logistics Operations MCWP4/7/20151.73 MBDownload
MCWP 4-11.4 Maintence Operations MCWP4/7/2015215.13 KBDownload
MCWP 4-11.6 Bulk Liquid Operations MCWP4/28/2015218.73 KBDownload
MCWP 5-1 Marine Corps Planning Process MCWP2/27/20152.90 MBDownload
MCWP 6-11 Leading Marines MCWP8/13/201514.47 MBDownload