This page explains the Officer's Candidate School core values.



What to expect

Firmness: All Candidates are required to meet Marine Corps standards. Candidates can also expect to be held accountable for their actions.

Fair Evaluation: The evaluation will be both mentally and physically challenging. Each candidate is provided every opportunity to prove their potential, because OCS wants candidates to succeed.

Respect: Every Candidate is treated with respect because each candidate has volunteered to come to OCS. The acceptance of the challenge to prove themselves as leaders is the first step in earning their commission as Second Lieutenants of Marines.


What we are looking for  

Exemplary Character
–“Special trust and confidence”
–Exudes the Corps Values
Physically/Mentally Tough
–Thrives in complex and chaotic environments
–Offensive mindset
–Aggressiveness in execution
–Sound and timely decisions
–Bias for action
–Inspires and instills confidence
–Sets the example for others to emulate

Performance Breakdown

The Candidate evaluations breakdown as followed:

50% Leadership

The leadership grade is based on practical application events and staff observation. Evaluations are based on performance, communication skills, decision making, and leading subordinates. All of the leadership skills required for success are taught and assessed at OCS. The cumulative average for these assessments equal 50% of the candidate's overall grade.

25% Academics

The General Military Subjects taught to Officer Candidates provides basic information to include Marine Corps History, Tactics, Operations and Organization, Land Navigation and other military subjects. Officer Candidates are evaluated on this material through written exams and practical application.

25% Physical Fitness

The physical training program at OCS has been designed to teach, then test and evaluate, a very high level of physical fitness in a minimum amount of time. It is built on the principles which will test physical courage, will-power and determination, while preparing you for the rigors of future Marine Corps duty. The physical aspects of OCS are designed to test an individual's general strength and endurance under varying field and tactical conditions. You will find these aspects challenging and demanding.


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