OCS Uniformed Readiness Coordinator (URC): 1st LT Wyatt Mcalpine

The OCS URC can be contacted at via email at: OCS URC

The URC is the face of the Commander's Unit, Personnel, and Family Readiness Program (UPFRP).  The URC is responsible for managing the four pillars of a UPFRP:

Official communication - communication from or on behalf of the commander through many methods:  newsletter, website, mass communication tool, family readiness events and email.

Information and referral - proactive marketing and promotion of the programs, agencies, and organizations available to Marines and families.

Readiness and deployment support - the ability of the individual Marine and his family to successfully balance the challenges of a military lifestyle, family, career, and mission events.

Volunteer management - standardized program developed to provide a formal model to manage unit volunteers.  Volunteer Tracking Tool is used to announce volunteer opportunities and track volunteer hours.

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