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 ***All accepted Fall 2019 candidates must read and abide by the OCS  Fall 2019 E to O Prep Letter as well as the 60 Day Letter-Fall- candidates must also read  Chapter 4 of NAVMC 3500.18 and FY20 OCS Pre Ship Checklist ***

***Direct Deposit Forms can be completed ahead of time; use your full SSN for block C.***


When you arrive as a candidate you will be greeted by a staff member who will be evaluating you from the start. He or she will instruct you where to park or disembark. You will then begin the check-in process. Below is a detailed list of what may also be required and an explanation in depth.

1. Candidates will report to Yeckel Hall in appropriate civilian attire. Appropriate candidate civilian attire consists of a collared shirt, trousers with a belt (belts are not required with female trouser styles without belt loops), and dress shoes. Civilian attire will be clean, and pressed. It should be comfortable, but not expensive as candidates will wear that attire for 2-3 days. Candidates are required to have appropriate running shoes that fit properly; these will be required for wear as soon as you arrive, so have them readily accessible.  Candidates need to have a black pen on their person when checking-in. Candidates must have their cell phone and car keys in hand when checking in. Military uniforms will be issued that week. Clothing with Commercial/Unit logos is not recommended. Prior-enlisted personnel reporting for training will wear civilian attire. 

2. Candidates who bring their own automobiles to OCS may use them on liberty at the staff's discretion, following a full vehicle inspection. All candidate attire will be inspected prior to, during, and upon return from liberty. 

3. Although candidates may visit with family or friends on weekend liberty, they are not permitted to receive visitors during the week. Candidates will not have access to cell phones or pay phones except on weekend liberty or for verified emergencies. Liberty will commence at the discretion of the Company Commander on Saturday afternoons and expire  Sunday. It is limited to within eighty miles of Brown Field. The Uniform Code of Military Justice applies to all candidates on or off base. 

4. Candidates must bring basic toiletry items, including a towel, a disposable razor, and soap, to sustain them through the first few days. In addition, each candidate will arrive at OCS with the amount of money specified in the 60-day letter available either through cash or credit. Credit is strongly encouraged. This money will purchase the Small and Large Bag items. Prior to being paid while at OCS, each candidate will also be required to purchase other items that they will need throughout the training cycle. Some items are different depending on the time of year you attend OCS. Although prior service Marines may already possess some of these items, all candidates WILL BE REQUIRED to purchase both the small and large bag issues. Candidates are required to have funds available throughout the training cycle for haircuts and other necessary gear.

5. Candidates in the OCC, PLC-COMB, PLC (SR) and NROTC programs will receive classes on the purchase and financing of uniforms during their stay at OCS. Prior-enlisted Marines will have the option of altering their Service Alpha uniform, provided it is in serviceable condition.  

 6. Prior-enlisted Marines can bring extra boot socks, green T-shirts, and PT shorts if they desire. Each company has been scheduled time at Cash Sales in order to ensure all candidates have their entire initial issue (4 pair woodland MARPAT utilities, 2 pair desert MARPAT utilities, and 2 pair tan boots). If candidates only have a partial issue, these items will be augmented in order to ensure all candidates have the necessary initial issue. Candidates who have been issued MARPAT utilities and boots, but do not bring them will be charged for the replacement cost of those items. For more information call OCS Supply Admin: (703)784-2904/2086. 

7. Mail will be distributed at least once each day except on Sunday. The mailing address of candidates is: 

Candidate Last name, First, MI. ___ Company, ___Platoon

Officer Candidates School

2189 Elrod Avenue Quantico, Virginia 22134-5033 

Candidates will write home during the first few days of training to let a family member or friend know that they have arrived safely at OCS. 
8. All medical records must be shipped to OCS Medical via the OSO. Candidates must ensure they are not in need of dental work prior to shipping. Candidates must also ensure the completeness and accuracy of their medical record with their OSO prior to shipping.
9. OCC candidates are authorized to drive to OCS. Vehicles must be current on all registrations, state and or county plates/decals, and inspections. Quantico uses the current Virginia DMV guidelines, and the Military Police will tow any vehicles not in compliance with these standards, to include out of state vehicles. 
10. All clothing, baggage, and personal items, should be marked prior to reporting. Candidates will bring a rugged watch (shock and water resistant). Do not bring jewelry. Bring at least five sets of underwear (male and female). 

11. Female candidates should also bring the following: Feminine hygiene items and birth control prescriptions and medication if applicable. Although it is not uncommon to have a reduced menstrual cycle or to stop menstruating (amenorrhea) while at OCS due to the physical nature of the training, amenorrhea is one of the three conditions present in the FEMALE ATHLETE TRIAD. Any female candidate that arrives and suspects that she may be pregnant should notify OCS Medical staff immediately. Results of your latest pap smear results (if obtained within the last year). Bras and hair related items. Female candidates are not required to cut their hair. However, hair must fit under headgear and not fall below the collar when in uniform. Styles are regulated and candidates should be able to prepare their hair in less than five minutes. Braided styles seem to work best, but no additional time will be allotted. Candidates may bring bobby pins, ponies, bands, gel etc. (Scrunchies, hair sticks, heavy aerosols, or clips that do not match your hair color are not authorized.)

12. A candidate's poor level of physical fitness, new or certain preexisting injuries, and financial hardships, are common factors that immediately disqualify a candidate from training on the first few days of training. Good communication with your OSO before you arrive is essential to ensure you are properly prepared to attend OCS. Anyone initially disqualified for training for the above reasons will be ordered to return home (present command) and may not receive future consideration to attend OCS. Ensure you are properly prepared before you arrive. OCS will build on the physical conditioning programs mentioned on this site. It is too late to begin physical preparation once you arrive. 

13. following items are prohibited; some may not be returned and could result in immediate dismissal from OCS. Your arrival at OCS implies consent to search, seizure, and prosecution according to federal regulations. Additionally, a particular item's omittance from the listed examples does not make it an authorized item. If there are any further questions in regards to what can/cannot be brought to OCS, please ask your OSO. 

  •  Weapons: 
    • Pocket knives
    • Guns    
    • K-Bars
    • E-tools
    • Gerber/Multi-tools
    • Scissors
    • Straight razors

*Any other item that may be used in the manner of the above examples are also strictly prohibited.


    • IPods
    • Personal Electronics    
    • Video games 

*Additionally, any items of convenience that are not of necessity in nature are strictly prohibited.

  •  Drugs/Supplements:
    • Aspirin        
    • Motrin
    • Tylenol
    • Midol
    • Body Building Supplements
    • Ephedrine
    • Multi-vitamins
    • Caffeine
    • Synephrine
    • Salicin
    • Vivarin
    • NoDoze
    • Tobacco
    • Amino acids
    • Steroids
    • Cold medicine
    • Narcotics
    • Recreational Drugs

*Only medication prescribed or approved by a physician at OCS Medical will be authorized. 



Watch the Graduation Ceremony for OCC-235 on November 21, 2020 at 9AM on our official YouTube Channel: